No Toll Roads in WA

The Barnett Government has announced they want to build WA's first toll road.

This is despite Mr Barnett promising before the 2013 State Election that; "I have no intention and this government will not be introducing toll roads in WA."

They claim it will only be a toll on trucks but how long till they break this promise and apply it to all vehicles?

Even a toll on trucks will be passed on with higher costs for consumers, business and farmers.

The Liberal-National Government can't even explain how this toll will work or how much it will cost.

The Perth Toll Link is economic vandalism that will do nothing to serve the long term needs of Perth or Western Australia.

WA doesn't need another tax, we need Mr Barnett to get his priorities right. We need a Government that invests in necessary infrastructure not luxury monuments.

Sign the petition below and stop Barnett's toll roads in Western Australia.