First Term Fact File

For Colin Barnett, breaking commitments as Premier is nothing new, he's been doing it since 2008. Here are some of the promises that Colin Barnett broke in his first term:

Tax Cuts for WA Families and Small Businesses

From ‘Liberal Plan for the First 100 Days of Government': finalise plans to deliver $250m in tax cuts - "Implement a Tax Reform and Reduction Strategy, including the delivery of a minimum of $250 million in additional tax cuts for Western Australian families and small businesses in the first term of government."

Fact: Only half this tax cut was delivered by the Barnett Government

Economic Audit Committee - Tax Cut

The Liberals' pledged to return all savings identified by the Economic Audit to Western Australian taxpayers. Budget papers show the savings identified by the economic audit is $900 million.

Fact: None of the $900 million has been returned in tax cuts.

Bunbury to Albany Gas Pipe Line

From ‘Liberal Plan for the First 100 Days of Government': start planning projects - "A Liberal Government will construct a natural gas pipeline from Bunbury to Albany via Bridgetown and Manjimup to develop a secure, reliable and safe energy supply for the future economic and social growth of the region."

Fact: No work has been done on the pipeline.

Royal Perth Hospital

From ‘Liberal Plan for the First 100 Days of Government': Introduce the Bill into Parliament - "A Liberal Government will transform RPH into a 400-bed trauma facility with a new emergency department and a new west wing and will also move immediately to protect the long term future of the Royal Perth Hospital by introducing into Parliament the Royal Perth Hospital Protection Bill."

Fact: No work has been done on RPH nor has the Bill progressed through Parliament

Police Numbers

During the 2008 campaign, the Liberals committed to recruiting an additional 500 police officers over five years and an extra 200 specialist officers to further boost police resources

Fact: The targets were later revised down to 350 and a 150 police auxiliary officers. By 2013 the Government had only delivered 180 additional Police Officers.

Better Behaviour in Public Schools

Reinstate school based police officers in consultation with school communities.

Fact: No school-based police officers were reinstated

Ellenbrook Railway Line

During the 2008 campaign, the Liberals specifically stated that "A Liberal Government will provide $53 million over the next four years toward the construction of a new rail line to Ellenbrook, to meet needs in the fast growing North Eastern Growth Corridor." The Liberal candidate for Swan Hills, Frank Alban, sent out material to his electorate telling voters that the Liberals would build the Ellenbrook line.

Fact: The funding was not delivered and the project was cancelled. During the 2013 campaign, Colin Barnett claimed that the commitment had never been made.