300 new Rail Car Order Put on Hold

What they promised

In total, 50 six-car sets (300 railcars) will be delivered over 10 years from 2019 at an estimated total capital cost of $1.2 billion


What they say now

We’re just not in a position to make a huge commitment for the next series of cars.

- Colin Barnett, The West Australian, 26/10/2015.

06 Nov 2015 - The Liberals have broken their promise to deliver 300 new rail cars over 10 years at a cost of $1.2 billion..

In the 2015-16 State Budget the Liberal government promised 300 new rail cars for the Western Australian public transport system, with $5 million budgeted for procurement in 2015-16. Only 6 months after making this promise the Liberal Government has already distanced itself from it.

The Liberal Government's poor economic management and poor priorities can be attributed to this broken promise, with Transport Minister Dean Nalder stating "Our thinking at this stage is that we can defer the C-series until we get out of this current economic cycle, as long as we can put more onto the end of the B-series (order)."

The Liberal Government has previously experienced problems after failing to order new rail cars in a timely manner with massive overcrowding experienced in 2011 and 2012.

Public transport expert Professor Peter Newman said the Government was failing to ease congestion for train travellers, saying "They are nowhere near keeping pace".

The RAC has advocated for better planning and increased rail cars ""Since 2012, RAC has continually called for the purchase of new rolling stock to enable trains to move at closer headways, increasing the frequency of services and providing additional capacity to reduce over-crowding on existing train lines," RAC general manager corporate affairs Will Golsby said.