Airport Rail Line delayed by 2 years

What they promised


What they say now


13 Feb 2014 - The Barnett Government has broken its promise to deliver the Airport-Forrestfield Train Line by 2018. Under questioning from reporters, it was revealed following the Mid-Year Review that the project has been delayed by two years, with completion now expected in 2020..

In December 2012, prior to the state election, WA Labor promised to build the airport railway as part of its Metronet plan. As a result, Colin Barnett pledged in February to bring forward the Airport railway project to match Labor’s timeline, with construction to be completed in 2018. P 5 Australian Financial Review 11/2/2013

During the election campaign the promise was promoted by the Liberal Party as being ‘Fully funded, Fully costed’. 

In the August 2013 budget the completion date was pushed out one year to 2019.  Just one month later Colin Barnett foreshadowed the further delay of the project by up to two years.

This delay was confirmed at the December Mid-Year review press conference, with the completion date now 2020. P1 West Australian 19/12/2013