Albany Gas Pipeline repeatedly delayed

What they promised

“The Bunbury to Albany gas pipeline will be up and running by 2015”

- Colin Barnett, 30 October 2012

What they say now

“The Government is still struggling to get the Albany pipeline under way”

- Colin Barnett 3 March 2015

24 Jul 2015 - After numerous promises and excuses, the Liberals have still not delivered the Bunbury to Albany gas pipeline. .

After breaking their promise at the 2008 election to build the Bunbury to Albany gas pipeline by 2012, the Liberals have now broken their 2013 election promise to have the pipeline “up and running by 2015”.

In 2012, the Liberals re-promised to deliver a scaled down version of the Albany pipeline, telling the people of Albany that a tender would be awarded in the middle of the next year with construction to begin in 2014, meaning completion in 2015. This commitment was reaffirmed in the Liberals’ Regional Development Policy.

However towards the end of 2013, with no tender in sight, the Premier admitted to Parliament there were significant difficulties in getting the project up and running.

At the beginning of 2015, when construction was meant to be completed, the Premier told the Albany Advertiser the Government was “struggling” to progress the project. This was confirmed in the 2015-16 State budget released in May which only had a nominal amount of funding ($12.5m) allocated in 2018-19 for a project that is estimated to cost $135m.