Aubin Grove Station Delayed

What they promised

A new Aubin Grove train station and a 2,000 park and ride facility open in 2016


What they say now

Aubin Grove train station delayed to 2017/18


30 Jun 2015 - The Liberal Government has broken another election promise on public transport with a delay in the construction of the Aubin Grove Train Station.

Originally committed to by the Premier Colin Barnett in 2012 the Aubin Grove train station has been delayed until 2017/18.

When the station was announced in 2012, it was reported that the works would start the following year.  ABC New 5 August 2012

Following the election, billboards announcing a 2016 opening date appeared on the freeway and side roads.  These have now being removed and replaced with billboards with no date.  

In the 2015-16 State Government Budget the funding for the station was pushed out with the final amounts not appearing until the 2017/18 financial year.