Broome Boating Facility Axed

What they promised

“The Liberal-National Government is delivering on its $35 million commitment to enhance Broome’s Boating Infrastructure”


What they say now

“As part of a review of the Asset Investment Program, a decision has been made to cancel the Broome Boating Facility project.”


11 Feb 2014 - The Barnett Government has axed the funding to build a new boating facility in Broome. The boating facility had been years in the planning and this decision breaks a commitment given to the Broome community in 2010 when the original funding was announced. .

In 2010, after much lobbying from the town of Broome for safer boating facilities, the Government pledged to build a new $35 million facility in West Roebuck Bay. Money was put in at the 2010 budget, and recommitted to in August with blueprints for the facility being released.

The project hit delays in the following years with cost blowouts and heritage approvals, before finally in 2013, a revised plan was agreed to and $42 million guaranteed in the budget. Construction was to begin in 2014-15.

However in the 2013-14 Mid-Year Review, the project was cancelled as part of the Government's Asset Review program and the money stripped out. P116