Mental Health Facility in Bunbury delayed

What they promised

Commence on step-up step-down subacute mental health facilities in Karratha and Bunbury in 2013/14

- 2013 State Election

What they say now

The services will now commence in 2017.


19 Aug 2013 - As part of the mental health policy announced by the Barnett Government 2013 election, a commitment was made to build sub-acute facilities in Bunbury. Work was to commence in 2013/14.

A 10 bed step-up step down mental facility in Bunbury would provide support to people with mental illness transitioning between hospital and the community. As promised during the 2013 State Election, they were due to commence in 2013/14, however no funding has been provided in this State Budget. 

When questioned about the facilities in Parliament the Minister for Mental Health provided the following information:

The planning for these will be undertaken within existing resources. Following that information, we will be able to determine precisely in terms of time lines and budget outlines where this needs to be included in the budget. At this stage the information is not clear.  

Parliamentary Questions Without Notice No. 410  


Funding for these mental health facilities has now been allocated in the State Budget, funded through Royalties for Regions. The services will now commence in 2017.