Morley Police Station delayed

What they promised

Morley Police station will be upgraded to provide a major boost in fighting crime with 80 police officers based out of the upgraded Coode St Facility - “The project is scheduled for completion in May 2013”

- Ian Britza's State Budget 2012-13 Flyer

What they say now

Resources are principally allocated at a District level and District Superintendents deploy these resources within their District to provide the best possible policing service to meet operational requirements and the varying needs of the community.

- Lisa Harvey 15/5/13

31 Jul 2013 - In the 2012-13 Budget the Barnett Government committed to a major upgrade to the Morley Police Station along with 80 police officers to be based there, to be completed in May 2013.

Following the State Budget in May 2012 Ian Britza the local member for Morley announced a Budget commitment by the Barnett Government for a major upgrade of Morley Police Station with 80 police officers to be based there. He indicated that the project was schedule for completion in May 2013. 

On the 15 May when questioned on this in Parliament the Minister for Police, Liza Harvey failed to commit to the figure of 80 police officers and indicated that the decision on police resources would be made at a district level.

In June 2013 the Leader of the Opposition Mark McGowan revealed that work had not commenced at the site and that were currently only 30 police officers working there.