No “One-Stop-Shop” for Child Abuse Reporting

What they promised

'Develop a central child-focused complaint system, referred to in the report as a one-stop shop, to encourage and protect disclosure of child abuse’

- Hansard, 19 September 2012

What they say now

“We have not proceeded with that recommendation. That is correct.”

- Hansard, 9 June 2015

24 Jul 2015 - The Liberals have broken their promise to implement a central child-focused complaint system to encourage and protect disclosure of child abuse. .

The commitment to implement a one stop shop for reporting for child sexual abuse was one of five recommendations from the Blaxell report on the sexual abuse at St. Andrews Hostel in Katanning.

Following advocacy from Albany MLA Peter Watson, an inquiry was launched into the response of government agencies to allegations of sexual abuse at St. Andrews Hostel to be headed by retired Supreme Court Judge Peter Blaxell.

The report by Judge Blaxell made several recommendations, including one for a one-stop-shop for reporting of abuse.

Colin Barnett accepted all of the recommendations of the report and in Parliament committed the government to implement them “promptly”.

However nearly three years later, Colin Barnett revealed under questioning in Parliament that the Government would no longer be creating such an organisation for the victims of abuse and to avoid the mistakes of the past.