Promised extra bus services axed

What they promised

“The Liberal-National Government will add more than 15 million service kilometres and extra 158 buses to the State’s transport system in the biggest boost to bus services in Western Australia in more than a decade”

- Media Statement 23 May 2011

What they say now

“The target of 15 million service kilometres has been wound back a bit and spread over seven years

- PTA Managing Director Mark Burgess, Estimates Hearing 9 June 2015

24 Jul 2015 - The Liberals have broken their promise to "dramatically" increase bus services in WA..

The Liberals have reneged on their promise to increase both the number of buses and the amount of service in Western Australia.

At the 2011 Budget, Troy Buswell made a pledge to increase bus services by 30% by 2015-16. He claimed at the time,

“Combined with an increase in the number of vehicles, the additional service kilometres will enable buses to be more frequent and more accessible, with more routes and services into new and rapidly-developing urban areas.” Biggest Bus Service Boost- Government Media Statement 23 May 2011

However, it was revealed in Parliamentary estimates this year that that target has been both delayed and reduced.

The Public Transport Authority has confirmed that the target has now been reduced to 12.5 million kilometres and the new completion date is 2017-18. Public Transport Authority Estimates 2015