Redevelopment of Royal Perth Hospital not funded

What they promised

The State Government is full steam ahead in planning the redevelopment of RPH

- Ministerial Media Statement 28 May 2010

What they say now

A reprioritisation of existing Asset Investment Program spending was undertaken. This resulted in the removal of construction costs for the Royal Perth Hospital

- 2013-14 Mid-year Review

05 Sep 2016 - In 2008 the Liberal Government promised to ‘transform RPH into a 400-bed trauma facility with a new emergency departments and a new west wing’. The expected cost of the transformation was $180 million.

Eight years after winning the election, just $17.5 million has been allocated to RPH which has resulted in urgent maintenance work being completed. This includes lift upgrades, emergency generator replacement and central cooling replacement for air conditioning. 2016-17 Budget Paper No 2, p336.


At the 2008 election the Liberal Party made a commit to ‘transform RPH into a 400-bed trauma facility with a new emergency department and a new west wing’ and to introduce a Bill to protect RPH.  

In the first term of the Liberal Government they failed to pass the Bill or commence the upgrades to RPH though some money had been allocated.

In 2010 the Minister for Health issued a press statement stating the following:

Planning for the redevelopment of Royal Perth Hospital (RPH) to become a major 400-bed tertiary hospital in underway’. 

The State Government is full-steam ahead in planning the redevelopment of RPH and it is important to remembers that we always said this was a project for our second term of Government.’ 28 May 2010 

During the 2013 election the Liberal Government reiterated their commitment to redevelop RPH.   

In 2013/14 State Budget money was provided to commence the redevelopment of RPH.  However in the December 2013-14 Government Mid-year Review all the money for the construction costs of the redevelopment projects for Royal Perth Hospital and Graylands Hospital were removed as part of the Governments review of Asset Expenditure. Mid-year Review, p110 

The Liberal Government has retained $8 million to commence planning but no money has been allocated for the redevelopment over the next 4 years. 

WA Labor has now introduced a Bill to protect Royal Perth Hospital into the WA Parliament.