Relocation of Department of Commerce to Stirling Axed

What they promised

Stirling to be the new home for Dept of Commerce


What they say now

Department of Commerce will move to Cannington


23 Sep 2014 - The Liberal Government has reneged on the commitment to move the Department of Commerce to Stirling. .

The decision to renege on the commitment to move the Department of Commerce to Stirling was met with disappointment by the local mayor. 

Stirling mayor Giovanni Italiano said he was "terribly disappointed" the Government had decided not to relocate the department to Stirling as part of a bigger plan to move public servants to the suburbs.  Weekend West 17/5/14

The decentralisation of offices was a key component of growing strong regional centres in 'Directions 2031 and Beyond'

The Barnett Government was to relocate 80,000sqm of government office space in total, including moving the Department of Commerce to Stirling, the Department of Housing to Fremantle, key divisions of WA Police to Murdoch and 600 public servants to Joondalup.

However, in Parliament Finance Minister Dean Nalder refused to guarantee the plan for other regional centres would proceed:

"At this point, I need to get finalised business cases so I can provide a more accurate response" - 2 April 2014