Safety and Security Rebate axed

What they promised

Increase funding over 4 years for the Safety and Security Rebate to $15 million over 4 years

- 2013 State Election

What they say now

The Seniors Safety and Security Rebate will cease in 2014-15

- 2015-16 State Budget

27 Aug 2013 - The Barnett Government committed to increasing the funding for safety and security rebate to $15 million over 4 years but have only delivered $1m in the 2013-14 Budget.

The commitment by the Barnett Government to increase the funding to $15 million over 4 years was to provide an additional $200 for seniors if they had been broken into after already after accessing the rebate and allow funding to be used to purchase personal security devices. (The Liberals’ Seniors Policy, p 4)

When the budget handed down only $1 million was allocated for 2013/14 and nothing in the next 3 years. (Budget Paper No 3, p 164)

Update: 15/04/2014

Not only has the Barnett Government failed to fund the program they have also significantly changed the eligibility criteria. 

From 1 January 2014, WA Seniors Card holders can only claim:

• Up to $200 for a Personal Safety Device

• Up to $200 to upgrade or replace security if you have received the previous security rebate and then experienced a break-in from 1 January 2014.

Safety and Security Rebate Claim Form

If you have not claimed to have your household security replaced or upgraded in the past you are no longer eligible to apply for anything other than a personal safety device.  

Only those people who have already received a rebate to upgrade their home security can apply for a further rebate if they are broken into. 

14/15 State Government Budget Update

The Budget papers reveal that nothing was spent in 2013/14 for this scheme but that $1m has been allocated for each year over the next 3 years well short of the $15m promised

15/16 State Government Budget Update

The 15/16 budget revealed that the program has now been axed entirely. The program has ceased in the 14/15 financial year with the remaining money redirected to other programs.