Wages for public sector workers capped

What they promised

A re-elected Liberal Government will maintain a wages policy that provides public sector employees with fair and reasonable remuneration and benefits

- WA Liberals Policy Paper, 6/3/13

What they say now

Mr Barnett said the changes... also included a new Wages Policy to ensure wage increases were kept in line with the rate of inflation.

- Ministerial Media Statement, 12/6/13

31 Jul 2013 - Public sector employees will have their wages capped at CPI following an announcement by the Barnett Government of a new wages policy.

During the 2013 the Barnett Government made a commitment to public sector employees that their wages policy would provide for ‘fair and reasonable remuneration and benefits’.  Some 3 months later they announced that wages would be capped at CPI.

This follows on from significant increases awarded by the Barnett Government in May 2013 to their own Ministerial staff. The biggest increase was 52%, significantly higher than the current rate of inflation. Details of the increases were published in the West Australian on 17 May 2013.